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Few Good Reasons to Get to Sulmona for Your Next Holidays in Italy

Are you planning your holidays in Italy because you like breathing fresh air, tasting the local traditions through their food? Do you like skiing, or listening to music, going hike through the nature? Or simply you want to admire castles, towers and ancient buildings as you stroll? Well, then keep reading….

The Club of Most Beautiful Villages in Italy


It’s easy to reach the Medieval Cantelmo Caldora Castle, located in the highest part of the village. From your Suite

Castle Caldora's in Pacentro, the village is part of The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy

Castle Caldora’s in Pacentro. The medieval village is only 10 minutes drive / ride from Sulmona

Salini in fact Pacentro is 8 km away, it is five minutes by car. In summer, in August there is the reenactment of Caldoreschi whilst on the first Sunday of September is staged an extraordinary event, fascinating and dramatic: The Race of the Gypsies (La Corsa degli Zingari). It has a documented tradition of 200 years (but they say it’s many more); in this race only residents can participate; barefoot they throw themselves down a hill located just over a kilometer from the center of the village ….. when the bell tower rings the race is on. The first runner who crosses the threshold of the main church wins the race. Upon tradition the winner gets a big piece of high quality tissue to make himself a new dress.

Pacentro has been recently nominated as one of the fifteen places to absolutely visit in Italy.


Introdacqua and the tower, historical point of guard

Introdacqua and the medieval tower on the background. Few minutes trip from Suite Salini b&b

The village of bandsmen. Introdacqua is infact renowned for the marching band (since 20 years there are 2), which can be heard during all year long in Sulmona and in many places throughout Abruzzo. Included in the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy Introdacqua will capture you with its medieval tower, its monuments, ancient buildings and frescoes dating back to various historical ages.

Introdacqua has had scenes from an old italian movie (Signorinella, 1949), filmed on-site and the marching band’s participation in various scenes. Pascal D’Angelo is a son of this village, who emigrated to the United States and became a poet well appreciated internationally. Every year a poetry prize is dedicated to his memory.

A popular legend tells that:

“In Introdacqua they sow carrots and bandsmen are born”


Summer 2007 has seen the inclusion of Bugnara as part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy; it’s about 10 minutes

Bugnara's Church of Santissimo Rosario

The medieval village of Bugnara has plenty of historical corners to be seen

drive from the Suite Salini. The Ducal Castle dominates the town and the valley; to be visited of course, here too the various palaces and churches dating back to different historical periods. In August, during the village festivals you may run into local shepherds preparing the rennet (cheese) and offering it to the attendees; eating it with a glass of local good wine is an obligation.

As for the good food we suggest to try the “pizzelle” that are sweet goodies that can take many forms and be hard, soft and stuffed. Of particular consideration it is also soup of homemade pasta and on-site grown beans.

Pettorano sul Gizio

A Trip on the Trans-Siberian Train of Italy, a must if you are planning your next holidays in Italy

The Village of Pettorano sul Gizio is situated on the way to Roccaraso, a famous skiing resort

This medieval village is part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, also of The Authentic Villages of Italy. Even in Pettorano there is a Medieval castle: The Cantelmos’ Castle. Along with the castle, walking through the alleys you can admire two significant Palaces: Palazzo de Stefanis and the Palazzo Ducale Castaldina.

On first Sundays of January you can enjoy excellent cornmeal mush (polenta) topped with exquisites ingredients part of the local tradition.


The Chatedral San Pelino in the ancient CorfiniumThe ancient Corfinium was the first capital of Italy, at the time of the Romans. Visit time: 1 hour. To visit: Medieval Old Town, the San Pelino Abbey (XIIIth Century), one of the most beautiful abbey churches of Abruzzo with beautiful Oratory of St. Alexander; significant then the Browns (Morroni) (Romans Mausoleums) and various archaeological excavations of the ancient Corfinium, which was capital of the Italic League against Rome.

Final considerations

Even the Great poet Ovid, a native of ancient Sulmo (Sulmona), had been impressed by these villages described.
These listed here are the ones reachable with only 5 to 15 minutes drive from the Suite Salini. But Abruzzo is full of historical villages and places worthy being admired and respected.

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