A Trip On Trans-Siberian Train of Italy

Holidays in Italy? You shoud consider such trip…

A train ride through the Apennines both in Abruzzo and Molise regions. In some parts also the Majella National Park gets Trans-Siberian train of Italy a must trip for your holidays in Italytouched by the railway line; you’ll be travelling between intact and breathtaking landscapes, through colors and flavors that still characterize the areas of “Trans-Siberian Train of Italy“.
The b & b Suite Salini is the base to stay for your trip on the historic train leaving from the station of Sulmona.

What’s special on the Trans-Siberian Train of Italy?

Along the railway line in question, because of its landscapes and climate conditions the trip goes through, were shot suggestive scenes from movies with famous italian actors.

In recent years the italian railroad department has officially closed the line to passengers traffic, but an initiative for tourist train has been started between the two towns of Sulmona and Isernia with a trip of 129 km. The journey can be shorter if, for example, the train terminates in Carpinone, rather than in Carovilli or Roccaraso.

Why shorter? Because each journey has an own theme; for example “train for skiers“, “train of truffles“, “train of cornmeal mush“, “train of spring” and so the trip can terminate at one station between the two towns of Sulmona and Isernia.

Until a few years ago (2012) it was possible to even get to Naples; sure with a lot of patience sice the train took 4 hrs. to get there from Ovid’s town. But the landscapes between Sulmona and Isernia are breathtaking ……… rated now by thousands of passengers. No exaggeration!

Here’s a Tipical Nowadays’ Trip on the Trans-Siberian Train of Italy

As we said early each date of the historic train has a theme. What’s more is that along the journey the train calls at some stations, not many…..and here’s why:

Stops can take long or little time, this is to allow all travelers to enjoy typical products of Abruzzo and Molise, as installments with such products will be there awaiting for you to taste. And you can even dance at rhythm of “saltarello” because there’s a folk music group moving and playing all along the train and during the calls.

At last the train arrives to destination and people will have sufficient time to lunch and have a tour within the village set as train’s last call. In the meanwhile the train gets set ready for the return trip. Return to base in the evening. Now you can move back to the Suite Salini, your luxury b&b in Sulmona.

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