Things to See and to Do in Sulmona

Planning holidays in Italy? Despite being a town of about 25,000 people, Sulmona is one of the places to visit in Italy; it offers many opportunities to visit and be fascinated of, by its history, architecture and cuisine.

Jousting of Sulmona and European Jousting

According to the remains jousting took already place in town over 500 years ago; but  it’s only in the last 20 years that the town revived it in its modern form, and is appreciated by thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. On the last weekend of July takes place the tournament with local knights whilst on first days of August takes place the european joust with people from different countries staying in Sulmona in order to attend the historical parade; and then comes the tournament.

Madonna che Scappa in Piazza

For those who enjoy religious representations Sulmona is definitely a town to consider for their holidays in Italy during Easter days. Yes but, why? Let’s see……

The Madonna che scappa in piazza (Our Lady running to Jesus arisen to heaven) rite has a secular tradition; the ritual originates from the mystery plays of the Middle Ages. To the success of the race were tied hopes of a year with a good harvest, and vice versa for a bad run; the representation is organized by the Brotherhood of Santa Maria di Loreto.

Trip on the “Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy”

Between Sulmona and Naples runs rhe railway nicknamed Trans-Siberian of Italy. Now it has been dismissed as state railway link since 2012 and is run by tourist trains.

The train goes across the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park; the most fascinating part of the journey is between stations Sulmona and Carpinone, climbing from 328 mt. up to 1,268 meters at which height the train calls at Pescocostanzo, the second highest station on sea in Italy (first is Brenner).

Movies with such famous actors as Nino Manfredi, Michele Placido and Adriano Celentano had scenes filmed along the Trans-Siberian Railway in Italy.

Celebrations for Ovid’s Bimillenial of Death

Ovid, the poet from Sulmona at Romans’ era; the poet who sang love (Amores, Ars Amandi), wrote tragedies (Medea) and other famous works (Metamorphoses).

In 2017 the celebrations will take place at an international level for the two thousandth anniversary of his death.

The Suite Salini Luxury B&B will be the option to stay in the center of Sulmona during such celebrations.

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